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Today at 07:30:56 AM by Faithkar
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     The latest thing in my life started about two days ago, when
I got home from school.  At first, nobody seemed to be home,
which was strange.  Mom doesn't usually get home until later, but
Dad (working the early shift that week) was usually home by then,
and Chrissy could usually be found knocking around the
house . . . Usually with Jenny from next door . . . at this time
of day.  Of course, with all the young kids in the neighborhood
(my parents selected this neighborhood just for the fact that
almost every home within two blocks of our house has children at
or near me and my little sister's age.  Whether Dad knew
beforehand that the local girls seem to outnumber the boys by
about three to one, and even single (divorced...
Yesterday at 05:07:17 PM by Faithkar
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All their Cyber-crimes though backfired so far, as much as they only could - with the help of their cowardish attacks, we grew constantly: in Size, Members, Worth, Reach... and international Regard! We caught the Attention of potential Allies, who wouldnt otherwise ever have noticed us! And, last not least, we grew in Knowlege, thanks to the Support of our technicial most versified Fellows - we found ways to protect against the sneaky Cracker-raids! Now You see us running continously - faster, smoother and better then ever before! And like that we will carry on - from any meanity of our enemies, the enemies of Freedom and Non-censorship, we will rise stronger, for You, our appreciated and beloved Community!

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